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Offices: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Envest focuses on privately-held businesses in basic industries and non-revolutionary technologies. Envest provides growth capital to cash generative businesses at various stages of growth with proven management teams. Envest initially invests $1.0 - $2.5 million, with a maximum of $4 million per investment. They often take a lead role, though this is not a requirement.
Environmental Technologies Fund (ETF)
Offices: London, England
Environmental Technologies Fund works with entrepreneurs to build durable new technologies and services that are environmentally beneficial, whether that be establishing new companies and markets or expanding existing ones. Over the decades their team has supported entrepreneurs in building over 100 companies. As knowledgeable investors in cleantech, ETF brings added top tier networks and contacts to entrepreneurs.
ENVOI Ventures
Offices: Rochester, New York
ENVOI Ventures is dedicated to partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs in emerging, high growth markets, helping them become global leaders. The fund makes investments in seed and early stage life science and technology/IT companies, often working with companies pre-funding and co-investing with other leading venture funds.
Offices: Centennial, Colorado
Founded in 1997 as an Internet marketing strategy and web development company, eonBusiness has assisted many entrepreneurs in launching, developing and growing various web-based businesses. Their early success assisting others prompted them to make direct investments in and to operate their own e-commerce businesses, beginning as early as 1999.


Eos Private Equity
Offices: New York, New York
Eos was formed in 1994 as a private investment partnership with a simple charter—to provide value-added capital to businesses at an inflection point in their development. Their goal is to partner with superior management teams and commit their professionals' collective business experience, network of relationships, strategic judgment, and financial markets expertise.
EPIC Ventures
Offices: Salt Lake City, Utah
EPIC Ventures' mission is to back companies who are positioned to become the market leaders of tomorrow. To accomplish this, they bring the collective experience and resources of their partnership, their advisors and their extensive network of industry contacts to ensure their portfolio's success.
Equilibrium Capital Group
Offices: Portland, Oregon & San Francisco, California
Equilibrium Capital Group is an investment firm that is building a portfolio of asset managers who focus on real asset sectors impacted by resource constraints and sustainability. Their asset managers generate superior returns due to their operating expertise and unique investment strategies, including: sustainable real estate, integrated land management, water and wastewater, and energy resource management.
Offices: Copenhagen, Denmark
EQT is a leading private equity group with operations in Northern Europe and Greater China. EQT manages funds with activities in buy-outs as well as equity oriented and growth finance. They have a unique industrial approach and a strong record of delivering superior returns over time. Managing approximately 11 billion Euros in capital, and with experience from about 60 investments, they offer their portfolio companies support and network of contacts.
Equinox Capital
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut
Established in 1998, Equinox specializes in making equity and equity-related investments in small to medium-sized companies. Equinox primarily acquires controlling interests in quality companies with enterprise value in the $10 to $50 million range, a history of operating profitability and strong growth prospects. Equinox seeks investment opportunities where they can partner with existing management teams.