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Enhanced Capital Partners
Offices: Austin, Texas
Enhanced Capital Partners a national investment firm specializing in state-specific investments in small and emerging companies with its private investment funds. Enhanced Capital seeks to achieve capital appreciation while adhering to a mandate tailored for a local investment approach. The company has established investment funds in Colorado, Louisiana and New York and is currently seeking investment opportunities in those states.
Enterprise Angels
Offices: Brookings-Sioux Falls-Yankton, South Dakota
The Enterprise Angeles is a network of accredited angel investors and angel associations with support services provided by the Enterprise Institute. The network provides angels with a quality deal source for high growth entrepreneurial ventures, educational opportunities and a vehicle to establish business relationships. The conduct four meetings per year to facilitate deal access and business plan filtering.
Enterprise Partners Venture Capital (EPVC)
Offices: La Jolla, California
Enterprise Partners organized to invest in privately held early stage and emerging growth companies. The Enterprise Partners funds have over $1 billion of capital under management invested in over one hundred and twenty companies. Since 1985, Enterprise Partners has been forging successful partnerships that have made them the largest venture capital firm in Southern California.
Entrepia Ventures
Offices: Santa Clara, California
Entrepia Ventures is a subsidiary of the holding company, Entrepia, which discovers new business opportunities by taking advantage of the disparity between the level of technology and market development in the Information and Communications industry between Japan and North America. Through Entrepia Ventures (EVI), its US subsidiary, Entrepia helps North American venture companies introduce their technologies, products and services to Japan.
Entrepreneur Venture
Offices: Paris, France & Hong Kong, China
Entrepreneur Venture occupies a unique position in the French venture-capital market, thanks to its management team made up of entrepreneurs who have an excellent knowledge and understanding of this sector with one or several success stories to their credit. Entrepreneur Venture was established in 2000 whose management company is approved by the AMF. Its primary investments are minority positions in young technology companies.
EnTrust Capital
Offices: New York, New York
EnTrust Capital is an independent investment firm specializing in the management of equity and fixed-income assets for wealthy individuals, families, and nonprofit organizations. They are dedicated to providing superior investment performance and unparalleled personal service. EnTrust Capital currently manages approximately $800 million of assets for over 300 investors.