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Emerald Stage2 Ventures
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Emerald Stage2 Ventures is an early stage venture fund. They invests in small (generally $1 to $3 million) financing rounds of early stage information technology companies that utilize emerging technologies to create compelling business opportunities. The Emerald Stage2 investment team will provide portfolio companies active, hands-on assistance in all phases of growth, focusing on the areas in which each company most needs support.
Emerald Technology Ventures
Offices: Zurich, Switzerland & Montreal, Quebec
Emerald Technology Ventures is a global leader in clean technology venture capital. Founded in 2000 under the name SAM Private Equity, Emerald is a pioneer in the rapidly emerging clean technology sector and is focused on innovative technologies in energy, materials and water.
Emergence Capital Partners
Offices: San Mateo, California
Emergence Capital Partners is a leading venture capital firm focused on early and growth-stage Technology-Enabled Services investing. Their mission is to help build market leading, successful businesses in partnership with great entrepreneurs. Their partners have funded and helped build over 25 TES companies, more than any other early-stage venture firm. They have developed significant expertise and resources focused on the critical factors of success in their market.
Emergent Growth Fund
Offices: Gainesville, Florida
Emergent Growth Fund is a member-managed angel investment group, focusing on early stage companies developing unique, leading-edge products, or proprietary technologies that possess the potential for rapid growth in significant markets. Its members are actively involved in the venture capital process, and its strength lies in its members—highly successful businesspeople and investors with extensive experience in building companies and selecting investments.

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Emergent Medical Partners
Offices: Portola Valley, California
Emergent Medical Partners is a life sciences investment firm that focuses on medical device and healthcare companies. They have over 50 years of experience creating and investing in medical devices and healthcare companies.  Emergent focuses is on early stage companies and their expertise encompasses all areas of medicine, including   cardiovascular and general surgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiology, radiology, oncology, obesity, gynecology, oncology, and sleep disorders.
Emerging Technology Capital Partners (ETP)
Offices: Rockville, Maryland
Emerging Technology Partners was founded with a simple mission: Provide capital and aid management in building early-stage life science companies that will develop breakthrough product solutions in the fields of drug discovery and medicine, while providing superior returns to their investors. ETP typically invests between $500K and $3M in a single round, committing as much as $6M to a company over a series of financings.
Empire Ventures
Offices: Portland, Oregon
Empire Ventures is a unique venture capital firm who looks to harvest and cross pollinate the most innovative technology companies and leverage their experience, strategic relationships and network to bring significant value. Founded in 1998, they provide entrepreneurs more than just capital. Empire brings experience, leadership, insight, integrity, a vast network and diligence to their portfolio companies.
Encore Ventures
Offices: London-Cambridge, England
Encore Ventures is a leading European secondary team that acquires the portfolios of investments or limited partner interests in growth and venture-stage companies. Encore looks to acquire positions in assets where owners are seeking liquidity. These situations range from corporations intent on monetizing illiquid non-core assets or funding early-stage adjacent businesses.


Endeavour Vision
Offices: Geneva, Switzerland
Endeavour Vision is a pan-European venture capital firm providing expertise and funding to entrepreneurs with global ambitions in technology, cleantech and life sciences. They have a team of experienced venture capital professionals responsible for investments in over 70 companies in 12 countries. They ring years of experience, expertise and network to its entrepreneurs, plus a passion for success.
Endeavor Capital Management
Offices: Westport, Connecticut
Founded in 1988, Endeavor seeks superior returns from private equity investments by partnering with talented, success-oriented management teams. Endeavor invests in businesses that offer proprietary products or services in large, growing or changing industries. In addition to supplying growth capital, Endeavor supports its investments by deploying the skills and experience of its principals in providing active, value-added guidance to its management partners.
Energy Ventures
Offices: Stavanger, Norway
Established in 2002, Energy Ventures manages/advises three venture funds with a total committed capital of NOK 1.9 billion. The company's professionals have extensive industry, investment, transaction and stewardship experience as well as a wide-ranging network in the oil and gas industry.
EnerTech Capital
Offices: Wayne, Pennsylvania & Toronto, Ontario
EnerTech is a venture firm focused on early- to expansion stage software, technology, and services businesses serving principally the energy and communications sectors. These trillion dollar industries are in the throes of a massive transformation. Fundamental changes driven by technology, regulation, and customer requirements are fueling the introduction of new products and services.