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Edison Venture Fund
Offices: Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Edison Venture Fund invests in expansion stage ($5 to 20 million revenue) information technology companies located in the New York City to Virginia corridor. They invest $3 to 5 million initially and usually are the sole or lead investor. Edison seeks companies that have the capability to lead emerging markets. Over the past 16 years, Edison's portfolio companies have created market capitalization surpassing $5 billion.
Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners
Offices: Paris, France
Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners has participated for more than 20 years in the development and dynamism of European SMEs. Helping to accelerate growth, their 16 investors build genuine partnerships with entrepreneurs and directly contribute to improving the performance of the companies in which they invest. They provide institutional investors with access to high-growth segments.
Education Capital
Offices: Alexandria, Virginia
Education Capital Group advises entrepreneurs and investors who are in the business of education. They assess growth potential. They chart the path to success. They maximize exit opportunities. Education Capital Group will: reduce management opportunity costs; be a vested partner in client success; leverage its education and financial networks; provide increased access to the capital markets; deliver reliable, consistent, and objective assessment.
Edgewater Funds
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Edgewater Funds, since their founding in 1991, has made more than 80 investments in four funds and now have $550 million in capital under management. They are able to fund a broad range of investment sizes through both their direct funds and close relationships with several billion-dollar co-investment funds. The firm focuses on funding profitable middle market companies where they can add substantial value through their capital, experience, and broad network.
Offices: Bellevue, Washington
eFund is an investment partnership focused on early-stage investments in communications and Internet companies. They are experienced company founders and builders who have been actively involved in starting, growing, managing, financing and supporting high-growth technology companies. They have been engaged both in senior management positions, as advisors and investors. They have invested in over 60 high-tech investments.


Egan Managed Capital
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
The family behind Egan-Managed Capital is among the most successful high technology families in New England. Since co-founding EMC Corporation with a handful of employees in 1979, Richard Egan and his family helped guide the Company's extraordinary growth. Since going public in 1986, EMC, an S&P 500 and Fortune 500 company, has been among the most successful companies on the NYSE.
EGIS Capital Partners
Offices: Madison, New Jersey
EGIS Capital Partners is a private equity fund formed for the purpose of making private equity investments exclusively in the security and homeland defense industry. Egis believes that through in depth experience, focused research and top notch resources they will be the partner of choice to both entrepreneurs and investors in the security industry. EGIS will invest $3-$10 million per transaction.
EGORA Holding
Offices: Munich, Germany
EGORA Holding concentrates on investments in broadband communications, industrial optronics, semiconductor technologies, business applications and services as well as biotech platform technologies. EGORA supports entrepreneurs with high potential technology skills and technical intellectual property who have the vision to build pioneering companies and the potential to become world leaders in their industries.
EGS Healthcare Partners
Offices: Rowayton, Connecticut
EGS Healthcare Capital Partners favors investments in biotechnology, specialty pharmaceutical, and medical device companies that have a late-stage product focus, with the aim of maximizing returns to investors. Companies with patent-protected products usually enjoy high margins, barriers to entry, and long product life cycles. Companies who have developed products beyond the proof-of-principle phase often are viewed most favorably.
Elaia Partners
Offices: Paris, France
Elaia Partners was founded in 2002 as an independent private equity boutique with a special focus on software technologies. They believe that software-related technologies are increasingly driving innovation growth in every key sector of the economy. They are convinced that their focus in this sector will keep them among the leading experts in this domain.