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Eckford Group
Offices: Mamaroneck, New York
Eckford Group's sole objective as a partner is to help create value. With each investment, they work to build a high level of trust with the management team. They align objectives and develop consensus on strategy and priorities. Eckford actively identify and analyze opportunities and help to negotiate transactions on behalf of the company and they participate in capital raising in either the debt or equity markets.
eCoast Angel Network
Offices: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
The eCoast Angel Network's focus is on early-stage companies involved with advanced technology, e-commerce, healthcare, and industrial products and services, principally located in the New Hampshire coastal region. The group is most interested in companies requiring $250K-$2 Million at pre-money valuations of less than $5 Million, who have a credible multi-option exit strategy and are led by an experienced core management team.
Eden Ventures
Offices: Bath, England
Eden is a venture capital fund comprised of successful entrepreneurs with a spectacular seed investment track record. The fund invests in early stage software companies in the UK and Ireland. The team's operational management experience is a critical success factor, helping entrepreneurs to build valuable software companies. The Eden Ventures' team consists of successful entrepreneurs complemented by investment professionals.
EDF Ventures
Offices: Ann Arbor, Michigan
EDF Ventures® is a venture capital firm with $150 million of private equity investments under management. Since forming its first fund in 1987, EDF Ventures has played a leadership role in providing venture capital to emerging technology companies in the Midwest with investments in more than 30 companies to date. Many of EDF’s investments have been in companies which EDF co-founded by identifying technologies in the region’s leading universities and research institutions.
EdgeStone Capital Partners
Offices: Montreal, Quebec & Toronto, Ontario
EdgeStone Capital Partners manages in excess of $1.3 billion across five private capital funds, making it one of Canada's largest independent providers of capital to the mid-market. EdgeStone Capital Partners provides capital, strategic direction and business and financial advice to help promising early-stage and mid-market companies achieve their full potential. EdgeStone also leverages the resources of its broad business network.
Edgewater Funds
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Edgewater Funds, since their founding in 1991, has made more than 80 investments in four funds and now have $550 million in capital under management. They are able to fund a broad range of investment sizes through both their direct funds and close relationships with several billion-dollar co-investment funds. The firm focuses on funding profitable middle market companies where they can add substantial value through their capital, experience, and broad network.
EDG Partners
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
EDG Partners is an active, growth and buyout oriented private equity investment firm focusing on integrity and accountability in building value in healthcare sector companies. EDG invests in cash flowing businesses across the healthcare segment including clinical services, people and business services, manufacturing and distribution and insurance services. The Founders have worked together since 2002.