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Excell Partners
Offices: Rochester, New York
Excell Partners is positioned to tap into high-risk research bases, helping identify promising technologies, and accelerate the creation of new technology-based businesses which offer high potential for commercial success. In particular, they provide the financing necessary to launch these companies and link them with the critical services, mentoring, and follow-on capital they need to become self-sustaining businesses.
Excelsior Capital
Offices: Hong Kong, China
Excelsior Capital Asia, established in 1998, is a direct investment firm which invests in companies throughout Asia. Excelsior seeks significant minority or controlling stakes in investee companies, targeting Fund equity investments of between US$15 and US$40 million. Efforts are focused in the small and mid-cap segment of the market where Excelsior can contribute strategic, operational and financial value to the business.
Excel Venture Management
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Excel Venture Management builds companies that apply transformative life science technologies to solve problems in healthcare and beyond. The Excel investment portfolio is balanced across healthcare IT and services, diagnostics, and medical devices, plus life science platforms that address adjacent markets including energy, chemicals, defense and agriculture. The majority of the team’s prior investments are thriving and over half have achieved successful exits.
Offices: Savyon, Israel
eXeedTechnology is an entrepreneurship and an investment group whose mission is to help establish, fund, build and sell Israeli start-up technology companies. They are positioned to be among the first investors in outstanding technology companies and to provide highly focused, hands-on assistance for entrepreneurs looking to team up with experienced business veterans and managers, to grow world class companies.


Exellere Partners
Offices: Denver, Colorado
Excellere Partners is a middle-market private equity investment firm. Since their inception, Excellere has aspired to build a differentiated private equity firm, one focused on the unique needs of emerging private companies with aspirations to build industry leadership and enduring value. More than a source of capital, Excellere has created a firm with a buy-and-build growth strategy empowered by a supportive culture and a proprietary value creation process.
Exigen Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Exigen Capital is a transformational Private Equity firm that invests in carve outs and large cap startups in the Financial Services, Insurance, Media, Healthcare and Communications industries. Our investment philosophy is designed to generate superior total returns through operational transformation. Our investment strategy focuses on building highly profitable growth businesses, and does not rely on debt leverage or expansion of market multiples.
Expansion Capital Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California
Expansion Capital's mission is to partner with entrepreneurs to grow clean technology companies that become respected industry leaders. They invest in companies that offer improvements in resource efficiency and productivity, while creating more economic value with less energy and materials, or less waste and toxicity. Their management team has over 100 years of private equity, cleantech, investment management and entrepreneurial operating experience.
Exponent Private Equity
Offices: London, England
Exponent Private Equity is an independent investment and advisory firm dedicated to UK private equity. They acquire companies to build businesses in partnership with existing and new management teams. Their greatest strength is in mid-market UK companies, where their expertise at handling complex situations is rare. If you want creativity and determination brought to your deal, Exponent has what it takes.


Express Ventures
Offices: San Diego, California
Express Ventures assists "pre-Series A" stage entrepreneurs by providing initial funding and focused attention on company development in preparation for a successful Series A funding from a top tier venture capital fund. Express Ventures anticipates making $500,000 to $1,000,000 investments into 8-9 early stage ventures before the end of 2007. Express has made 7 such investments in its first 14 months of operations.
Extream Ventures
Offices: Singapore
Established in 2008, Extream Ventures is an early-stage venture fund focused on Asia-based technology driven companies in the areas of communications, IT software and solutions, and interactive & digital media. Extream's operationally focused team is committed to driving value by working closely with each new venture to accelerate growth and market leadership.
Extreme Venture Partners
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
Extreme Venture Partners is focused on providing early stage venture capital and management expertise to help propel start-ups into the big-leagues. They work with smart people who have great ideas for disruptive businesses, and the energy and ability to deliver. VP has deep roots in the technology and investment communities. They like to take a hands-on approach, bringing a depth of technical and business expertise and resources with them.
ExxonMobil Foundation
Offices: Irving, Texas
ExxonMobil believes that education is the key to progress, development and economic growth. They are committed to being a responsible partner in the communities where they operate. It is their long-standing policy to conduct business in a manner that considers both the environmental and economic needs of the communities. They make community investments to support programs in their key focus areas of health, education and environment.