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Eagle Ventures
Offices: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Eagle Ventures is the first venture capital fund covering central and southeast Europe. Eagle is an early and expansion stage investor in leading-edge technology companies with scalable business models and global market potential, as well as regional technology leaders with potential for intra-regional expansion. Eagle's Goal is to use the experience of their team to help build successful companies.
Offices: Hamburg-Munich, Germany
Earlybird seeks to invest in companies led by outstanding people who are creating major new markets. Most investments are made in the early-stages or during a phase of expansion while the company is privately held. Earlybird’s initial investments typically range from $1 to 5 million and  further investments may raise the total investment to as much as $10 to 15 million.
Early Stage Partners (ESP)
Offices: Cleveland, Ohio
Early Stage Partners was formed in 2001 with the belief that Northeast Ohio, Ohio, and the Midwest could and would create and attract a significant number of early stage technology companies that would be attractive venture capital investment opportunities. This belief was partly predicated on trends in economics and technology. They began raising capital in 2001 in the depths of a venture capital industry depression.
Earth Capital Partners (ECP)
Offices: London, England
Earth Capital Partners is a company specializing in advising on investments that address the challenges of sustainable development such as climate change, water scarcity, food and energy security. ECP intends to advise on the deployment of a multi-billion US$ pool into sustainable assets, whilst responding to a wide range of investor needs and priorities.
East Gate Capital
Offices: Palo Alto, California
East Gate Capital achieves exceptional returns by connecting paradigm shifting technologies with established marketing and manufacturing partnerships in Asia. The target investment profile includes companies with at least one previous round of institutional investment, less than 75 employees, first class management team and rapid sequential revenue growth. Through East Gate, portfolio companies gate access to the world class manufacturing base of Asia.

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East Hill Management
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
East Hill Management Company was founded as an investment advisory firm in 2000 to manage alternative assets for high net-worth families, endowments, trusts and institutions. East Hill's venture capital investments are primarily in early stage companies founded by world class scientists in the life sciences and physical sciences which have clearly focused products to address large unmet needs and utilize proprietary intellectual property position.
Easton Capital Investment Group
Offices: New York-Buffalo, New York & Miami, Florida
Easton Capital Investment Group manages approximately $140 million on behalf of a number of significant institutional investors in its two funds, Easton Hunt Capital Partners and Easton Hunt New York LP. Easton makes investments ranging in size from $2 million to $7.5 million and has strategic co-investment relationships with many of its institutional investors, which allow it to participate in larger initial and follow-on rounds of funding.
Eastside Partners
Offices: Huntsville, Alabama
Eastside Partners is a private equity fund that targets fast growing companies in the financial services, healthcare and information technology sectors. They invest in companies that have demonstrated market acceptance and seek additional capital to accelerate growth. To a portfolio company, an investment from Eastside Partners means more than obtaining growth capital. Their investment team has substantial experience assisting companies.
Eastward Capital Partners
Offices: West Newton, Massachusetts
Eastward Capital Partners is a leading East Coast venture debt source. Through its regional focus and longstanding relationships, Eastward specializes in working with venture capital firms to provide their portfolio companies with equity-sensitive financing solutions. Eastward seeks to maximize its competitive process advantage in sourcing and targeting investments by partnering with top tier and emerging venture capital firms.
Offices: Hafeweg, Germany
The eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners is a venture capital company which supports innovative entrepreneurs in promising branches. To develop young technology ventures and enable them to be successful means not only providing the necessary capital, but also know how and an active network. As a VC company, eCAPITAL is obligated to both capital providers and capital seekers.
Offices: London, England
ECI is one of the longest established private equity groups in the UK, specializing in buyouts, buy-ins and development capital deals valued between 10 and 150 million.  Having provided finance to more than 250 companies over the last two decades, their team has a wealth of experience that it can put to use in helping to build your business.