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Offices: London, England
AnaCap is a specialist private equity fund focused on investments in the financial services sector. They offer opportunities for rapid growth and upside participation to strong management teams throughout Europe. Backed by 16 highly regarded global financial institutions, such as Adams Street Partners, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell and Allianz, AnaCap has the ability to support and build fast growing, dynamic financial services businesses.
Anchorage Capital
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Anchorage Capital Partners is a specialist private equity firm that provides both capital resources and operational experience to businesses that are not achieving their full potential. They call these opportunities “Special Situations”. They have an established track record of creating significant value supporting and partnering with management and supporting them in improving both the operational and financial performance of their businesses.
ANCOR Capital Partners
Offices: Fort Worth, Texas
ANCOR Capital Partners acquires companies with a history of profitable operations. Since forming in 1994, ANCOR has lead 19 acquisitions of 13 platform companies and 6 add-on acquisitions. The partners are established operators and financial professionals with 135 years of collective experience. While ANCOR is not limited to a specific industry sector focus, they have extensive experience in health care and consumer staples.
Andreessen Horowitz
Offices: Menlo Park
Andreessen Horowitz was established in June 2009 by entrepreneurs and engineers Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, based on their vision for a new, modern VC firm designed to support today's entrepreneurs. Andreessen and Horowitz have a track record of investing in, building and scaling highly successful businesses.
Andromeda Capital
Offices: London, England
Andromeda is an investor in software technology and related services that are applied to the stress points in the value chains of three key sectors: mass marketing; financial services; and energy. Specifically they seek out opportunities for Information Technology products and services that: through improved access to markets, drive incremental revenues; through efficiency improvements, or disintermediation drive reduction and control of costs.


Angeleno Group
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Angeleno Group is a private equity firm focused on high growth investments in the energy sector. AG makes investments broadly across the energy industry to support innovative, well-managed, rapidly growing companies. Angeleno Group believes that a series of fundamental changes in the energy and environmental industries are generating significant private equity opportunities.
Angel Forum
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia
Started in 1997, the Angel Forum—Vancouver introduces emerging companies to private equity investors, each spring and fall. It is the oldest angel group in Canada with 100+ investors. Its sponsors include leading companies and industry associations in BC. Up 30+ pre-screened technology, service and industrial companies seeking equity funding up to $1 million, present "in- person" and demonstrate their products/services to 70+ pre-screened investors in one day.
Angel Healthcare Investors
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Angel Healthcare Investors is a proven executives and entrepreneurs seeking investment opportunities in early-stage healthcare and life sciences companies. From healthcare services to biotechnology and medical devices, Angel Healthcare targets investments in companies that clearly add value by addressing demonstrated customer needs. Angel Healthcare is highly committed to helping companies with solid business models tackle strategic and execution challenges.
Angel Investor Forum (AIF)
Offices: Hartford, Connecticut
The Angel Investor Forum is comprised of sophisticated, accredited investors, who are former CEOs, VCs, serial entrepreneurs, and active private equity investors. Investment members collaborate on due diligence, but make individual investment decisions. Because members are accredited investors, they understand the risk, complexity, and illiquid aspects of private equity investing.
Angelo Gordon & Co
Offices: New York, New York
Angelo Gordon & Co is a privately-held registered investment advisor dedicated to alternative investing. The firm was founded in 1988 and currently manages approximately $10 billion. They seek to generate absolute returns with low volatility by exploiting inefficiencies in selected markets and capitalizing on situations that are not in the mainstream of investment opportunities.
Offices: Silicon Valley, California
AngelsCorner is a venture group comprised of individual investors and representatives of investment corporations. AngelsCorner is primarily focused on investing into private companies with strong teams, proprietary solutions, and high potentials. Their objective is to help talented entrepreneurs build lasting businesses of significant value. The private equity investors affiliated with AngelsCorner are all successful business executives.