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2M BioTech
Offices: Dallas, Texas
2M BioTech partners with research groups, universities, inventors, and early stage biotech firms to accelerate the commercialization of their products and technologies.  2M BioTech provides an alternative to the traditional models associated with university-based technology licensing offices and venture capital financing. Their primary business purpose is to support The Morton H. Meyerson Family Fund and their communities.
2M Companies
Offices: Dallas, Texas
At first glance 2M appears to be similar to many other investment firms, however upon closer look you will find that we are very different. Their primary business purpose is to support The Morton H. Meyerson Family Fund and their communities, and to invest with people who are interested in effecting social change. Their business practices directly follow these values. 2M Companies are here because they want to make a difference.
2x Growth Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
2x Consumer Products Growth Partners partner with founders and management in merging consumer products businesses capable of growing exponentially via an infusion of capital and management expertise. As part a partnership they provide significant growth capital. Initial investment is generally $1-5 million with expectation that follow-on investments will support continued growth.
3i China
Offices: Beijing, China
3i has had a local presence in Greater China since 2001, with offices in Beijing. Since 2003, 3i has invested in the following sectors: Manufacturing, TMT, Technology, Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, Retail and Real Estate. International IPOs we have completed include PCD Stores (Hong Kong), Focus Media (New York), GST and Little Sheep (Hong Kong). 3i is also an investor in CDH II, the Beijing-based private equity fund.

-3i- (cont.)

3i Group
Offices: London, England
3i is a world leader in venture capital and private equity. At 3i it's the effort they put into understanding people, as well as business, that has made them a leading force in venture capital today. Since its foundation in 1945, 3i has invested in more than 14,000 companies in a wide range of sectors from start-ups to late stage transactions, focusing on businesses with high growth potential and strong management.
3i India
Offices: Mumbai-Delhi, India
3i has had a local presence in India since 2005. 3i has invested in the following sectors in India: media, automotives, construction, power, ports and manufacturing, amongst others. They currently manage an investment portfolio valued at cUS$920m. In April 2008, 3i closed a non-listed US$1.2 billion India Infrastructure fund and, together with funds, 3i has invested over $330 million in Indian infrastructure to-date.
3i US Growth Capital
Offices: New York, New York
3i has backed more than 40 companies that have gone public and has executed over 450 M&A transactions. 3i North America focuses on opportunities across a variety of sectors: consumer, healthcare, business services, financial services, oil, gas and power, and TMT. In addition to their sector-focused investment professionals, 3i US Growth Capital provides companies with access to the unique 3i global network of industry experts.
3TS Venture Partners
Offices: Budapest, Hungary
3TS Venture Partners is the exclusive advisor to the Technologieholding Central and Eastern European Funds. 3TS Venture Partner's role is to identify, evaluate and recommend investments. After investments are closed, 3TS represents the Funds either directly and/or with non-executive directors with positions of the Board and works with the management to fully support the operational development of the business.


4th Level Ventures
Offices: Dublin, Ireland
4th Level Ventures is a €17 million Venture Capital Fund. Their investment focus is on companies commercializing technology & IP from research in third level educational institutions. Their investors see the benefit of commercializing ground-breaking research. Established by Dolmen Securities, the fund's investors now include institutional investors and Enterprise Ireland.
5AM Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California & Waltham, Massachusetts
5AM Ventures is a $65 million seed and early-stage fund that is focused on creating and building the next generation of leading biotechnology companies. 5AM works with entrepreneurs and scientists to help shape the strategic mission of new start-ups (or spin-outs) and provides business, financial, deal structuring, recruiting and other assistance in the company-building process.
7 Health Ventures
Offices: Edina, Minnesota
7 Health Ventures is a professional venture capital fund dedicated to investing in Israeli and Israeli-related companies, developing healthcare technologies and products. Their commitment to their entrepreneurs is for a long-term partnership because they understand that building a successful company takes time. They accompany their entrepreneurs with integrity, resourcefulness and dedication.
20/20 HealthCare Partners
Offices: Auburndale, Massachusetts
At 20/20, they have assembled a group of experts with a diverse range of backgrounds who have developed a vision for healthcare in the year 2020. This vision guides their strategy for developing and commercializing technologies that they feel will accelerate the implementation of successful 'Personalized Medicine' approaches. Their team approach relies on an efficient and strategic use of time and resources.
21 Partners
Offices: Treviso-Milan, Italy & Paris France
21 Investimenti was established by Alessandro Benetton in 1992 as a holding company investing in medium private companies in Italy. In 1998, 21 developed its activities in France with the creation of 21 Centrale Partners in partnership with Gérard Pluvinet, previously Chairman of Société Centrale pour l'Industrie for more than 30 years. Société Centrale pour l'Industrie (renamed 21 Centrale Partners) was a listed holding company founded in 1909.


88 Green Ventures
Offices: Melbourne, Australia
88 Green Ventures is a private investment vehicle formed by Mike Fitzpatrick to invest in global early stage venture capital to assist in development and commercialization of green technologies. 88 Green Ventures has well established networks with developers, investors, governments and advisors across the globe to work with companies to achieve their goals and create a more sustainable environment.
101 Ventures
Offices: Bentonville, Arkansas
101 Ventures is in the business of starting and growing high performing, capital-efficient businesses. They invest in winners. Sometimes that means running with an idea of their own or helping someone else get one off the ground. Sometimes they even invest their time, money and talent to help an existing business that hasn't quite reached its potential.
360 Capital Partners
Offices: Luxembourg, Germany
360 Capital Partners is a venture capital firm, investing in innovation at full scale, in Europe and more particularly in France and Italy. The new 360 Capital fund, a Luxembourg based Sicar, has reached a total capital commitment of over €100m. 360 Capital Partners is managed by a consolidated team which has cumulated 50+ years of venture capital experience in investing in, following-up and/or exiting from over 60 companies.
.406 Ventures
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
.406 Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in innovative information technology and services companies founded by the finest entrepreneurs. They are a veteran team of industry entrepreneurs, operators and investors who apply real world experience, deep industry knowledge and networks, and strong company-building skills to create value for their entrepreneurs and investing partners.
500 Startups
Offices: Silicon Valley, California
500 Startups provides early-stage companies with funding ranging from $10K to $250K via seed investments, our startup accelerator program, and new micro-fund models like the Twilio Fund. With over 140 experienced startup mentors around the world, creative 10,000 sq ft working space in the heart of Silicon Valley, and a vibrant community of startup founders, we help our companies succeed in ways other venture firms do not. They are 500.