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AlphabeticalA compilation of software companies listed in our eDocuments, CRM, ERP, HR, Accounting, Programming Tools, BI, BPM, Systems, DRM, Open Source, Help Desk, dbase and CAD software directories.


CRM SolutionsWhen faced with challenge of productively managing a rapidly expanding customer base, this list provides a excellent starting point for researching, evaluating and implementing a Customer Relationship Management system.


Enterprise (ERP) — A list of firms providing enterprise software solutions and internet software services.


Human Resources — A compilation of leading human resource management, payroll systems and time, attendance software and related HR systems.


eDoc Management — With ever increasing volumes of electronic transaction business and legal records, we thought a quick reference for some of the leading electronic document services and software providers might be useful.


Accounting Systems — A list a accounting systems, including SMB, mid-sized company company solutions.  We've also included some leading budget and financial management suites.


Programming Tools — A list of software products and services designed for a range of individual as well as enterprise-level use.


BI & BPM Solutions — Covering the range of business intelligence (BI) and business management planning (BMP), this is a growing list of useful data warehouse, analytic and planning tools.


System Software — A collection of platform management and data center systems control solutions providers.  The products cover a range of operating system environments, including: Unix, Linux, Windows, HP-UX, Novell and OpenVMS.


DRM SolutionsWith the advent of openly distributed digital content, there has emerged this short list of leading Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions providers.


Open Source A developing list of open enterpirse-level source software tools, solutions and services.


Help DeskA list of help desk service and software systems solutions, including related resource management, inventory and accounting.


DBaseA list of leading data base application suites & support products, service providers and components.


CADA compilation of computer aided design and manufacturing software for a range of manufacturing, media and entertainment industry needs.