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Century Software
Offices: Manchester, New Hampshire
Century Software is an international organization that develops and deploys technology based business solutions to their customers in corporate, government and retail industries. Their system delivery is through their local entities and allows them to tailor their implementation and services to your unique needs. When they implement their financial accounting product in your organization they link it to the other applications in your enterprise. This means as issues arise in your enterprise you will learn about them faster and with more accuracy.
Offices: Wiltshire, England
CODA provides the most complete suite of products and services to meet the needs of finance departments—from best-of-class financial accounting and procurement systems, through planning, budgeting, consolidation, reporting and analytics, to process control and compliance management. In addition to working seamlessly with CODA applications, their analytic, consolidation and process control solutions also integrate with other leading operational systems to capitalize on customers' existing IT investments. CODA's product offerings are all underpinned by expert consultancy, education and support services.
Offices: San Antonio, Texas
CONETIC Software Systems is a technology leader that is experienced, successful, and innovative in software design and development. Their experience shows in a proud product line that began back in 1979. They are proud to say that success is written in the stories of each and every one of their thousands of customers world wide. Featuring innovative solutions, their extensive solution focused product line emphasizes performance, portability, and reasonable pricing. Their products begin with their own 4GL multi-user database named C/Base™4GL. C/Base™4GL.


Offices: Shelton, Connecticut
In the early 90's, Flexi was formed, at a time when client-server technology was starting to emerge and proprietary systems were starting to fade, the founders saw a great opportunity. It was a chance to meld financial accounting software with the latest technology innovations. One of the primary goals was to provide companies with a non-proprietary, feature rich accounting system that could be scaled to handle millions of transactions, yet remain flexible enough to handle the unique requirements of any company.


Offices: Mountain View, California
Save time on everyday tasks with QuickBooks Small Business Software, repetitive tasks are a thing of the past. You enter customer, vendor and employee information just once, and they do the rest, pre-filling common forms like invoices, checks, and payroll. No more hunting through piles of files or trying to think where you stashed that important paper. QuickBooks organizes all your important small business information in one place, giving you easy access to a complete picture of your business.