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S2 Games
Offices: Rohnert Park, California
The core S2 GAMES team is an experienced group of developers from diverse backgrounds including film, fine art, computer science, and business. Through this mix of skill and experience a synergy is born creating a fresh perspective in game design. The mission of the S2 GAMES team is to create the next level of multiplayer gaming. With the creation of the Silverback Engine they have the freedom to take online multiplayer games to heights not reached before. Savage will be the first title released using the Silverback Engine.
Savage Entertainment
Offices: Los Angeles, California
In 1998 Savage Entertainment was officially formed. the nascent company dedicated itself to creating its own technology, internally dubbed the Sabertooth Engine, for the Playstation2, Xbox, and Gamecube platforms, and windows PC's. Most recently, Savage completed production on Star Wars: Battlefront2 for PSP with Pandemic Studios and Lucas Arts.
Secret Level
Offices: San Francisco, California
Secret Level creates original game titles, tools, and technologies for the console entertainment industry. They have steadily grown to accommodate several talented teams. Secret Level develops for both current and future generation platforms, and they also hold Tools & Middleware licenses from both Sony and Microsoft. A tight knit group of like minded individuals, Secret Level strives for creative, artistic and technical innovation.
Semi Logic Entertainment (SLE)
Offices: Redding-Sacramento, California
Semi Logic Entertainment is a medium sized video game development company. SLE is dedicated to producing quality games, and their Programmers, Artists, Internet Technicians and Audio Specialists are seasoned veterans of the video game industry. SLE has extensive experience on PC products, Internet and Interactive DVD applications, as well as all forms of hand held devices and console platforms. SLE prides itself on producing innovative games on the cutting edge of technology as well as best selling original designs.
Seven Studios
Offices: Los Angeles, California & Taipei, Taiwan
Founded by Lewis Peterson and six other industry veterans in 1999, 7 Studios now employs over one hundred experienced artists, designers, programmers and managers who share the common goal of creating blockbuster entertainment for all current and next generation video game platforms. The founding members of 7 Studios have been key contributors to numerous games that have been top-ten sellers. Some, such as Command and Conquer, Spiderman, and MechWarrior II, have sold millions of units, and rank among the most respected games of all time.
Shaba Games
Offices: San Francisco, California
From its humble beginnings, Shaba Games has both weathered storms and celebrated triumphs before becoming what it is today. Shaba has grown to three times its original size, and proceeded to achieve some of the long held dreams of its founders. Its members have worked on such critically acclaimed, high selling games as Pandemonium!, and Pandemonium 2. Through the patronage of its publishers, Activision, Crave Entertainment, and Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Shaba has shared its games with millions of people around the world.
Sigil Games
Offices: Carlsbad, California
Sigil Games Online is a studio dedicated to creating massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. Founded in 2002 by Brad McQuaid and Jeff Butler, key figures in the development of award-winning EverQuest, the company plans to be a driving force in the continued evolution of this unique genre. Sigil Games Online is comprised of an all-star team of experienced developers with an impressive pedigree of commercially successful and critically acclaimed online games. The company's first game, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, will be published by Microsoft and is scheduled for release in 2006.