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Offices: Los Angeles, California
Since its inception in 1997, A52 has developed and produced imagery for some of the world's best known commercials and music videos. Home to some of the industry's most talented artists, their innovative studio has created award winning visual effects through the seamless integration of 2D and photoreal CGI.


BlackPool Studios
Offices: Bow, Washington
BlackPool Studios is an Emmy winning visual effects facility specializing in matte painting and digital compositing for feature film and television. Some of the Features BlackPool Studios has worked on include Sleepers, The Star Wars Trilogy—Special Edition, and Contact. Their television projects include Star Trek Enterprise, The X-Files, Alias and Lost. Their client list includes Industrial Light & Magic, Fox Television, Paramount Pictures, Touchstone Television and Warner Bros.
BUF Compagnie
Offices: Paris-Pantin, France & Los Angeles, California
Since the mid-eighties, BUF has been regarded as one of the most innovative visual effects companies in the world. The quality and originality of their work has earned them numerous awards. This level of achievement is obtained by going through preliminary stages of research and tools development. Their research & development department is in charge of designing and upgrading BUF's special tools. One of BUF's main credentials was to pioneer "camera mapping" and "stereo modelling" techniques. The "bullet time" effect created for Matrix was directly inspired by the research carried out by BUF.


Offices: London, England
Cinesite is one of the largest full-service visual effects and post production facilities in the world, providing services as diverse as digital effects, physical effects, model construction and unit photography, film scanning, laser recording and visual effects supervision. They have built a prestigious list of credits, including current and recent productions Underdog, Omen 666, X-Men: The Last Stand, V For Vendetta, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
In the spring of 1994, armed with passion and ambition, Bob Munroe, John Mariella, Kyle Menzies and actor/director/writer William Shatner founded CORE, a creator of digital visual effects and animation for feature film and television. Primed with the underlying philosophy that a studio designed by artists for artists fosters the best creative environment, CORE has produced award-winning work for more than 55 feature films, 24 television series and 24 MOW's.


Digital Dimension
Offices: Burbank, California
Digital Dimension specializes in high-end Visual Effects, 3D Animation, and Motion Graphics for the film, television, and interactive industries. Founded in 1997, Digital Dimension has built a reputation early on as an innovative provider of visual effects and animation. Digital Dimension consists of teams of highly passionate individuals who strive to incorporate the principles of relentless innovation for the benefit of their customers. Their mission is to help their clients telling their stories through the meticulous blend of creative and technological innovations.
Digital Domain
Offices: Venice, California
Founded in 1993, Digital Domain is an award-winning full-service digital studio and production company that creates special visual effects and other visual imagery for feature films, commercials and music videos.  A pioneer in digital effects, Digital Domain’s business units have been recognized with awards from the top industry organizations. In its 13-year history, Digital Domain has won five Academy Awards: two for Best Visual Effects (“Titanic,” “What Dreams May Come”); and three for Scientific and Technical Achievement for its proprietary imaging software.
Double Negative
Offices: London, England
Double Negative is a full-service VFX facility capable of handling projects from initial design through on-set supervision and production to post-production. All key post-production technologies are available in-house to allow for maximum flexibility. Their R&D department is constantly developing ground-breaking software to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of global VFX. Over the last 6 months the company has worked on Batman Begins, Pride and Prejudice, Doom, Harry Potter, and Flyboys