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Aardman Animations
Offices: Bristol, England
Peter Lord and David Sproxton began their animating partnership in their school days. At first only a hobby, commercial success came when they sold a 20-second animated cartoon to the BBC TV program "Vision On". The star of that brief clip was a dead-pan superhero they called Aardman. In 1976 they established Aardman Animations in Bristol.
Animatus Studio
Offices: Rochester, New York
Animatus Studio has been operating in 1989. They specialize in traditional animation for film and video, but also handle web animation, 3D and 2D graphics, and video editing. They use an Oxberry animation camera for film titles and animation, but most of our work lately has been in video and the digital arena. To this end, they use programs like Photoshop, After Effects, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, and Macromedia Flash.
Animax Entertainment
Offices: Van Nuys, California
Animax Entertainment creates comedic character driven content for all screens. Winners of the first-ever broadband Emmy Award, Animax produces animation, viral videos, games and websites for kids, teens and adults. Their team of writers, artists and programmers create original content for AOL, Disney, ESPN, Fox, Kodak, Sesame, Starz and themselves. They are an Adobe Solution Partner, a mentor at the AFI Digital Content Lab and they own a pet dragon.
Offices: Syracuse, New York
Since 1983, clients have relied on Animotion for story and character development, animation, backgrounds, sound production and development of accompanying print material. Animotion’s expertise with human and animal characters for children and adults has brought us work on major motion pictures, CD-ROMs for the educational and entertainment markets, Web Site development as well as commercials for local and national television ad campaigns. Through the years they have maintained their love of animation and their commitment to giving their customers more than their moneys worth.
Axis Animation
Offices: Glasgow, Scotland
Axis Animation was founded in 2000 by four leading artists and animators to create world-class animation. Currently, Axis has over 40 people working in the studio—a multi-faceted, international team whose individual career backgrounds include art, games, television, design, commercials and feature film. Axis likes to be open and approachable with people—both their staff and their clients, and believe that fostering close relationships is the key to their success.


Big Idea
Offices: Franklin, Tennessee
Most major media companies today name shareholder value or profitability as their top priority. At Big Idea, their priorities are: people first, products second, profits third. Profiting is like breathing. As humans, they must breathe to live, but they do not live to breathe. As a company, Big Idea must profit to exist, but they will not exist merely to profit. Achieving their goal of building a top four family media brand takes a tremendous amount of capital, but they will never sacrifice the needs of kids or of their employees simply to increase their wealth.
Bill Melendez Animation
Offices: Sherman Oaks, California
Since founding his own production company, Bill Melendez Productions, in 1964, Bill's work has continued to win awards and applause. Alongside his commercial work, in 1964 Bill produced his first television special, A Charlie Brown Christmas. Despite being forced to bring it on a short schedule and tight budget, he managed to garner both an Emmy Award (the first of eight) and the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award for Outstanding Children/Young People's program..
Boomstone Animation
Offices: Ottawa, Ontario
Boomstone is a full service animation production house developing their own properties as well as producing episodic animation for Canadian, European and American Producers. A strong creative and production team heads the firm, including Lee Williams, Rich Vanatte, Claire Wilmut and Weldon Poapst who have built their many years experience in all aspects of animation production including producing, directing, animation, design and production management.
Blue Sky Studios
Offices: Culver City, California
Academy Award winning Blue Sky Studios became a wholly owned unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment in 1997 (a subsidiary of News Corporation). The studio was founded ten years earlier with a mission to pioneer creatively superior photo-realistic, high-resolution, computer-generated character animation for the feature film, television and entertainment industries. Throughout their history, the people at Blue Sky Studios have maintained a single-minded focus on creating high quality imagery, while upholding the highest production standards.


Cat Studios
Offices: Dallas, Texas
CAT was established in 1986 as a high-end 3-D animation facility and has grown to become the central US’ largest premier high-end 3-D and special effects studio. Housed in a new 11,000 square foot animation facility including its 6,800 square foot “optical motion capture” studio, CAT is currently one of the largest studios in the US dedicated to motion capture work, special effects, 3D animated films, commercials, music videos, and full production. CAT’s facility is designed to accommodate feature-length animation production work, with room to house as many as 120 animators.


DIC Entertainment
Offices: Burbank, California
DIC Entertainment, a fully-integrated global brand management company, is dedicated to creating, developing, producing, distributing, marketing and merchandising family-based intellectual properties. DIC serves as the worldwide licensor or licensing agent for renowned brands, such as Strawberry Shortcake, McDonald's, Madeline and Classic Trolls. The company has also distinguished itself by building one of the largest libraries of animation with approximately 2,800 half-hours of programming.
Do More Animation (DMA)
Offices: New York, New York
They create animated content for television, film, the Internet and New Media. DMA's creative team designs and creates character driven animation for network television shows, national commercials and web based content. They are best known for their award winning work in children's television. At DMA, they conceptualize and design the characters. They produce the animation at their studio. And they deliver it in any media you chose.
DreamWorks Animation
Offices: Burbank, California
DreamWorks Animation is devoted to producing high-quality family entertainment through the use of computer-generated (CG) animation. With world-class creative talent and technological capabilities, their goal is to release two CG animated feature films a year that deliver great stories, breathtaking visual imagery and a sensibility that appeals to both children and adults. With each film, they strive to tell great stories that are fun and comedic, told with a level of sophistication and irreverence that appeals to the broadest audience possible and captures the imaginations of all people regardless of age.