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Backbone Entertainment
Offices: Emeryville, California & Vancouver, British Columbia
A division of Foundation 9 Entertainment, Backbone Entertainment specializes in developing original and licensed IP for all gaming platforms and multiple media, such as comic books, film, television and consumer products. The studios that make up Backbone Entertainment have been in existence since 1992, when the company was previously called Digital Eclipse. Combined, Backbone's two studios have shipped more than 100 titles, including the popular original franchise, Death, Jr.
Baltimore Sun
Offices: Baltimore, Maryland
The Baltimore Sun Company's history is among the longest and most distinguished in American journalism. Founded by Arunah Shepherdson Abell, a journeyman printer from Rhode Island who believed in the concept of a people's paper devoted to the news that most directly affected the lives of its readers, The Sun first appeared on Wednesday, May 17, 1837. The accomplishments of The Baltimore Sun Company through the years are reflected in the esteem with which it is held in the newspaper business.
Barrandov Studios
Offices: Prague, Czech Republic
Barrandov Studios is one of the largest and oldest film studios in Europe.  For more than seventy years, the studios have been the location of choice for over 2,500 Czech and International films. The studios’ primary objective is to ensure the presence of all film-related fields and services in one convenient location—on the famed “hill behind Prague”—where Barrandov’s founding fathers, the Havel brothers, built the now legendary studios in the 1930s.
Offices: New York, New York
The Barron's audience is one of the most highly sought after group of in terms of affluence and influence. Barron's magazine has been influencing the decisions of investors for almost a century. Read through these pages to find out what is inside each issue of Barron's as well as upcoming Barron's events.


Offices: New York, New York
Baseline is a practical guide to costing and managing the deployment of leading-edge information technology. Through case studies, news stories, company dossiers, and financial tools, they provide technology leaders and business executives with a detailed look at how their peers are implementing information technology. The success—or failure—of each implementation is measured by the company's actual progress against "baseline" expectations of financial returns and technology deliverables.
Offices: London, England
The British Broadcasting Company exists to enrich people’s lives with great programs and services that inform, educate and entertain. Its vision is to be the most creative, trusted organization in the world. It provides a wide range of distinctive programs and services for everyone, free of commercial interests and political bias. They include television, radio, national, local, childrens’, educational, language and other services for key interest groups. BBC services are hugely popular and used by over 90% of the UK population every week.
BBC Films
Offices: London, England
BBC Films is the feature film-making arm of the BBC. It is firmly established at the forefront of British independent film-making and co-produces approximately eight films a year. Working in partnership with major international and UK distributors, including Miramax, PolyGram, Fox, Buena Vista, Pathé, Momentum and UIP, BBC Films aims to make strong British films with range and ambition. They are committed to finding and developing new talent, as well as collaborating with some of the foremost writers and directors in the industry, including Roger Michell and Stephen Frears.
Beacon Pictures
Offices: Santa Monica, California
Founded by Armyan Bernstein in 1990, Beacon Communications soon became one of the most respected independent motion picture companies in the industry. Beacon has produced many critically acclaimed and commercially successful films, including The Commitments, nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Picture in 1991 and winner of four BAFTA Awards; Air Force One, starring Harrison Ford; The Family Man, starring Nicolas Cage; Thirteen Days and For the Love of the Game, starring Kevin Costner.


Beantown Productions
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Beantown Productions is a television production and advertising company with a full-service office in Los Angeles. Founded in 1992 by David Carr and David Comtois, Beantown creates original broadcast programming, on-air promotion, marketing campaigns, and branding for network and off-net series television. Beantown’s award-winning creative team services studio, broadcast and corporate clients with killer creative, the finest quality film & video production and cutting-edge post-production.
Beenox Studios
Offices: St Joseph, Quebec
Founded in 2000 by professional game developers, Beenox first created three original products for the home computer market. Because all of the startup team had an extensive development background on the console market, Beenox goal was to go back to it. The company then split into two divisions: a gaming division that would pursue Beenox ideal by take the company to the console market and a porting division, that would bring steady revenues and the highest brands to the company. In 2005, Beenox became a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision.
Belmonte Productions
Offices: Oak Ridge, New Jersey
In July 1981, founder Frank Belmont was working full-time as Producer/Director for New Jersey Public Broadcasting. But then that magic opportunity came along: the chance to work as Coordinating Producer/Director for the Mega Closed-Circuit and Pay-Per-View Event, "The Showdown"—Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns. Like they said, it was just too good a project to pass up. The Leonard/Hearns event turned out to be just the beginning, and during the years that followed Belmonte Productions became synonymous with top quality Sports and Entertainment Television.
Bender Spink
Offices: Hollywood, California
Bender Spink is a diversified management/production company specializing in initiating and managing the careers of screenwriters, directors and actors as well as producing film and television projects that communicate unique takes on universal themes. Besides a production team lead by Chris Bender, JC Spink and Jake Weiner that includes Jon Silk and Langley Perer, Bender-Spink features a talent department spearheaded by Courtney Kivowitz and Christian Donatelli, a television division lead by Julie Plec, and a literary department headed by Charlie Gogolak which features Dave Brown, Cory Hebenstreit, Jill McElroy and Brian Spink.