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Offices: New York, New York
FactorsNY identifies the factors that exceed expectations in the creation of medical, technical and consumer products. Formerly Human Factors Industrial Design, they have a tradition of analytical and methodical research and observation provide sound direction. They're adept at creative problem solving, innovation and inventiveness reveal unique opportunities.
Offices: Portland, Oregon & Clinton, Washington
At Fiori, their ultimate purpose is to design, develop and deliver products that connect with people. They accomplish this by going both further and deeper. They start by immersing themselves in the worlds of real people, because the complexities of human emotions, behavior and desires can't be found in focus groups or canned reports. This real-world understanding inspires design and fuels innovations.
Frog Design
Offices: San Francisco, California
Founded in 1969, frog design has an unparalleled history of successfully applying its best-of-breed talent to address the challenges of companies competing in rapidly changing marketplaces through fully integrated design. frog has distinguished itself by developing a process of concurrent, multidisciplinary innovation, which rapidly delivers high impact products, software and brand enhancements.


Gad Shaanan Design
Offices: Solana Beach, California
Gad Shaanon Design strives to assist their clients in creating products that define and deliver on the brand promise. They have built an infrastructure to ensure that no matter how great the distance, they can work effectively with their clients. They build strategic product development plans on a solid foundation of knowledge gained from client reviews, market analysis, user-centered research, and competitive analysis.
GEN3 Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts & St Petersburg, Florida
GEN3 Partners is a product innovation consulting firm that dramatically improves the impact, predictability and productivity of corporate innovation processes through a superior approach to identifying their greatest opportunities and solving the technical barriers to achieving them. GEN3 works with CEOs, business unit general managers, and heads of marketing, product development, manufacturing and other executives to dramatically improve their return on product innovation.
Gordon Randall Perry Design (GRPD)
Offices: New York, New York
Since 1975, GRPD has designed and products for manufacturers of consumer, office, electronic, commercial, industrial, furniture, laboratory, medical, sporting good and architectural products. The design solutions produced are widely published in magazines and regularly included in hardcover product design books. Quality of design and salability of the products are hallmarks of the work created.
Group 4
Offices: Avon, Connecticut
Successfully solving business challenges has been Group 4's hallmark since their founding in 1972. Their perspective is regularly refreshed as they continue to attract the best and brightest staff from varied disciplines, bringing expertise in research, graphics, industrial design, merchandising and brand identity. The key to Group 4's success is their ability to anticipate, understand and respond to consumers' and retailers' unmet needs.


Hall Design
Offices: Marina Del Mar, California
For over 25 years Hall Design has created superlative new products for companies in the United States and abroad. They are a results oriented, multi-talented resource: experts in industrial design, ergonomics, product engineering and rapid prototyping. They work as innovative partners with product manufacturing companies to achieve competitive marketing advantages.
Offices: Burlington, Vermont
Henninge is an industrial design company that creates beautiful design solutions for clients who value innovation, substance and the creative process. Their strength lies in their ability to step back, view the whole problem, recognize the cultural context, then generate numerous creative directions that build integrated solutions addressing a multitude of user, market and manufacturing variable.
Herbst LaZar Bell (HLB)
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
HLB is consistently named one of the top ten design firms in the world by BusinessWeek magazine and the Industrial Designer's Society of America (IDSA). For more than a decade, HLB has ranked among the top winners in the Industrial Design Excellence Awards, Medical Design Excellence Awards, ID Annual Design Review, Good Design - Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, Appliance Manufacturer Excellence in Design, and numerous other competitions.
HS Design
Offices: Gladstone, New Jersey
HS Design is a product development firm specializing in user centered design. They help their clients, in a variety of industries, increase demand by designing differentiated products. Their process realizes every program has its own set of dynamics, goals and requirements making it unique. They developed a phased approach which helps navigate their clients through the process.