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Hammer Creative
Offices: Hollywood, California
Hammer Creative is an award-winning creative entertainment advertising agency.. Founded in 1988 by Hammer CEO Mark Pierce as a trailer house for the independent film community, Hammer has evolved into a full-service creative shop. Hammer's combination of talent, experience, state-of-the-art workspace and boutique-style approach make Hammer the destination for cutting edge creative marketing and advertising solutions.
Hasan + Co
Offices: Raleigh, North Carolina
Hasan + Co. is a leading marketing management consultancy company committed to impacting marketing ROI through the formation of meaning and long-lasting strategic partnerships between marketers and their outside marketing communications resources. Conducting agency reviews is how Hasan + Co. is best recognized. This is a major strength of their company.
Hauser Group
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
An agency is so much more than ads alone; at least one worth hiring is. In fact, the term agency isn't really adequate. The creative thinking that starts from minute one challenges convention during every step in the process. the Hauser Group is not just an agency. They offer a full range of services including: research & strategic planning, branding, creative, public relations, promotions & events, interactive, and media planning.
Hawkeye Group
Offices: Dallas, Texas
Hawkeye Group was founded in 1999, but their experience begins long before that. Their senior executive team has decades of global agency and client experience behind them. Each of them recognized that a much deeper understanding of the customer was required to deliver sustainable ROI's. Hawkeye Group is a marketing company that believes everything hasn't been done before.


Offices: Austin, Texas
HC&B Healthcare Communications is where powerful stuff is made, every day. Where the active ingredients are creativity, knowledge and collaboration. From advertising campaigns to marketing strategies to branding techniques, they believe effective healthcare communication requires the right mix of science and inspiration. With proven metrics and an intimate knowledge of this industry, they are focused on successful outcomes. Just like you are.
Heil Brice
Offices: Newport Beach, California
At Heil Brice, they're seasoned professionals in the art of transactional marketing. With over twenty years of experience in retail, they understand that sales are the final arbiter. They also understand the critical role that your brand plays at every touch point with your customer. At the end of the day, the most important thing they do is to deliver powerful, business building ideas.
Offices: Denver, Colorado
There are over 314 advertising agencies in Colorado. Fifteen who are members that have met the rigorous standards of the American Association of Advertising Agencies. And one with the most senior-level experience per person—HenryGill Advertising. They continue to enjoy over 25 years of success because they are focused on their clients. Driven by results. And fueled by the spirit of success.
Offices: Paris, France
HighCo count today more than 880 collaborators and 14 subsidiaries divided in 5 European countries; France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands. Since its creation in 1990, HighCo has positioned itself on a new approach to the field of communication, specializing in the mass-market retailing nd consumer goods manufacturing sectors.
High Tech Connect
Offices: Indianapolis, Indiana
High Tech Connect is the nation's leading resource for seasoned public relations and marketing communications talent. They provide their clients with pre-qualified, expert consultants to meet their specific needs. Their extensive experience with large and small technology companies, agencies and independent consulting has resulted in a top-notch team uniquely qualified to solve your marketing communications and resource challenges.