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Offices: San Jose , California
Founded in 1971, Faroudja® has been advancing the art and science of video processing for more than thirty years. The company has received over sixty-five patents and three Emmy awards as evidence of its pioneering efforts in creating unrivaled Video Technologies. Today, as a division of Genesis Microchip, Faroudja is the recognized leader in innovative, high-performance video processing technologies for markets requiring superior image quality solutions.


Offices: New York, New York
HannsG sees that consumers are wishing for quality in their life, so functional technology is now gifted with a rich palette of colors thanks to design aesthetics. HannsG products symbolize the spirit of go beyond to provide customers with a whole new experience of technology, with its user-friendly interface, clean design and exceptional quality, it has surpassed consumer expectations and existing market standards. The aesthetics of technology have been redefined, creating a perfect combination of the sensible with the sensual within the products from HannsG.
Hyundai IT
Offices: Seoul, Korea
Since the disaffiliation from HYNIX (formerly "Hyundai Electronics") in August 25, 2000, Hyundai IT has earned and maintained its recognition as the manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality PC monitors and digital TV¡¯s for both domestic and overseas markets. Through the transition of technology, product branding, and all business from the previous Hyundai Electronics monitor division, Hyundai IT has continued to grow by massive exports to well-established global sales channels in Europe, China, Japan and United States.


Offices: Wilsonville, Oregon
InFocus® is an industry pioneer and worldwide leader in the projection market today. But that's not what they hope you remember about them. They're a company dedicated to improving the experience of projection every day. Nearly twenty years of product and engineering firsts are at work here, magnifying the immersive audio visual impact in home entertainment, business and education environments.


LG Display Products
Offices: Englewood Cliffs, New jersey
As the world’s largest producer of flat-panel displays, LG continues to capitalize on its technology leadership for the US market, Ahn said, explaining that the long-term winners will be those like LG Electronics that possess core technologies in-house. Combining style and functionality, LG has the only LCD and plasma HDTVs with built-in high-definition digital video recorders. Further, LG continues to maintain its number one position in the US digital storage market led by its Super Multi optical drives (including its new Blu-Ray drive), while continuing the growth of its LCD computer monitor business.


Offices: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Microtek is a world-leading manufacturer of digital imaging products for a wide spectrum of market segments, specializing in providing affordable solutions for all facets of digital imaging. Long known as a pioneer of affordable desktop scanning solutions with over 100 patents worldwide, Microtek continues to expand its digital imaging product line—which now includes plasma TVs, LCD flat panel monitors, and DLP/LCD projectors. The company has a strong global presence, with major operations and distribution channels in 53 countries around the world.
Mirage Innovations
Offices: Rehovot, Israel
Mirage Innovations is a developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge personal video display technologies and components for high-growth digital consumer electronics markets. Mirage's breakthrough patented NanoPrism technology is at the core of its products. The LightVU  personal displays are the only lightweight, perfectly aligned, cybersickness-free video display available today.
Mitsubishi Display Products
Offices: Irvine, California
From inventing the first rear-projection television to the first complete high definition TV system sold in the US, Mitsubishi defines leadership, innovation and excellence in home theater. They don't see the world as it is but rather as it can be. This perspective enables them to translate visions into unique and innovative technologies. In a culture that encourages passionate people to do their best work, Mitsubishi continually redefines superiority with one eye on their rich past and one on their boundless future.