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Offices: Cheltenham, England
IdentAlink was founded in 2000 to develop and provide a practical and efficient identity management solution for public and private sector entities based on biometrics and PKI. IdentAlink’s special expertise in software development, biometrics, PKI, encryption and network architecture has been used to produce BioPassport Enterprise Server for this purpose. IdentAlink's technology is one of the most advanced in network, intranet and Internet security.
Offices: Seoul, South Korea & Hong Kong, China
IDTECK is a diversified technology and manufacturing leader of security products for buildings, homes, industry, etc. Their quality products, integrated system solutions and services make life safer, more comfortable, more secure, and more productive in every corner of their world.
ImageWare Systems
Offices: San Diego, California; Clackamas, Oregon & Ottawa, Ontario
From inception, ImageWare Systems company has focused on highly innovative advanced technology solutions. This evolution of technology advancement, industry leadership and measurable implementation experience has positioned ImageWare as a leader in the identity management industry, particularly in the segments of biometrics, public safety, secure credentialing and controlled access.
Offices: Paris, France & Bratislava, Slovakia
Innovatrics is focused on providing fast, accurate, interoperable and sensor independent fingerprint recognition software for incorporation into final biometric applications. Innovatrics components offer exceptional performance perfectly suitable for both, high-end and low-cost biometric applications. Nowadays, independent software vendors, system integrators, biometric sensor manufacturers and AFIS constructors demand fast and accurate fingerprint recognition algorithms.
International Biometric Group
Offices: New York, New York & London, England
International Biometric Group is the biometric industry's leading consulting and technology services firm. Since 1996, IBG has provided technology-neutral, vendor-independent biometrics services, strategy, and solutions to government agencies, systems integrators, high-technology firms, and financial services organizations.