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Green Bit
Offices: Vienna, Virginia; Madrid, Spain; Potenza, Italy & Tianjin, China
Green Bit is a dynamic company, leader in the development and realization of high quality optical dactyloscopic systems for high-security applications through fingerprint recognition. Its products are able to perform a person’s sure and unique identification These devices are used in various environments: applications of public security (law enforcement), applications of public authority (civil identification & electronic documents) and commercial application.
Griaule Biometrics
Offices: San Jose, California & Sao Paulo, Brazil
Griaule software is the technology behind over 500,000 transactions performed daily all over the world. Today, they are providing the technology for several systems in large and small scale organizations. They provide the means for the future of widespread and daily use of biometrics. As a leading biometric technology supplier, the purpose of their products is to provide convenience and safety by identifying people on the basis of their unique fingerprint features.


Offices: Richmond, British Columbia; Birmingham, England; Kanagawa-Ken, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Hong Kong, China& Singapore
Hectrix a leading manufacturer and developer of Linux web-based biometrics RFID smart card systems and solutions. It is the pioneer manufacturer and developer of iAd which is a sleek web-based advertisement and information system. iAd transmits messages through LCD, LED, Plasma TV or TV screen of any size. iAD can bring revenue to your business with a wide range of applications.
Offices: Sarnen, Switzerland & Erlangen, Germany
HumanScan are a biometric software development company focused on multimodal biometric authentication technology. The company has technical expertise and patents in key technologies of biometrics, pattern recognition, authentication and system security.