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Offices: San Antonio, Texas
FaceKey Corporation’s patents, biometric technologies and products reduce costs to business and government, deter identity theft, prevent unauthorized access to facilities and data and allow authorities to identify persons on a watch list for Homeland Security. Security will be increased without further wearing away of citizens privacy as business and government adds restrictions.
Face Technologies
Offices: Centurion, South Africa
The mission of Face Technologies is to develop, supply and implement business solutions for effective identification focusing on biometrics and smart card technologies. Specializing in smart card technology, beneficiary payment systems, biometrics and card solutions, Face Technologies focuses on enabling businesses and organizations to identify personnel, clients and assets, and prides itself on providing end-to-end integrated business solutions for these specialized areas.
Face Tek Technologies
Offices: Taipei, Taiwan
Face-Tek Technology has relentlessly pursued its goal to deliver reliable solutions that provide credible authorization, increase security and reduce the possibility of breach, fraud and other crimes. Based on biometrics, their focus is to develop and integrate face recognition security monitoring products. In developing these products, they capitalize on the know-how gained from our other areas of business, including telecommunication, electric power, information technology, biology, medical, aerospace, optoelectronics and semiconductor related industries.
Fingerprint Cards
Offices: Gothenburg, Sweden
Fingerprint Cards has been operating on the biometric market for more than 10 years with a focus on developing, marketing and selling and/or licensing complete fingerprint biometric core technology. 

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FingerPrint USA
Offices: Haymarket, Virginia
FingerPrint USA is a nationally recognized provider of expert un-biased consulting in Advanced Identification Systems with in-depth experience in integrating advanced biometrics technologies into high performance computing and communications systems to provide success-oriented solutions.
Offices: Seoul, Korea
Unlike other biometrics system, such as fingerprint, iris, retinal- scan, hand vein, voiceprint, and hand geometry, the face recognition system has its distinct advantages. Face recognition does not require physical contact with the device, but the device will verify and recognize user automatically if and only if the user is registered into the system. Since established in 1975, Firstec is on the cutting edged of standalone type access control system based on Firstec's leading face recognition technology.
Fujitsu Biometrics
Offices: Tokyo, Japan; New York, New York & London, England
Fujitsu continues to lead the industry in highly integrated biometric security solutions. The company worked with Phoenix Technologies and its BioTrust ID to implement the Trusted Computing Platform in Fujitsu's new USB 2.0-compatible MBF320 fingerprint sensor IC. Designed for notebooks, desktops and tablet PCs, the MBF320 also incorporates fingerprint-matching algorithms from Cogent Systems.