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Cansec Systems
Offices: Mississauga, Ontario
Cansec Systems is a leading manufacturer of access control systems and biometric products for the integrated security systems market. Their access control solutions range from single door, stand-alone card access systems to fully-featured and integrated solutions for controlling access to multiple facilities with complex requirements. Cansec products are available through our worldwide network of authorized dealers and distributors.
Offices: Tampa, Florida
Ceelox is a developer and marketer of biometric security and email encryption software solutions for financial institutions, healthcare,  government agencies, multiple vertical markets and businesses of all sizes.  Ceelox’ biometric and encryption software solutions provide affordable, innovative and fresh ways for customers to securely access, as well as, send and receive confidential information.
Offices: Redwood Shores, California & Nanjing, China
Over the past several years, CIC has emerged as the leading supplier of electronic signature solutions within the financial services industry by enabling enterprises to fully execute business process automation initiatives resulting in truly paperless workflow and legally binding electronic transactions. That leadership is evidenced by their worldwide deployments at leading financial institutions.
Cogent Systems
Offices: Pasadena, California Cedar Park, Texas; Reston, Virginia; Ottawa, Ontario; London, England & Shenzhen-Beijing, China
Cogent Systems is committed to providing the highest quality biometric identification systems, products and services with unparalleled innovation, accuracy and speed. They offer their customers state-of-the-art system solutions that allow them to be leaders in their own fields.


Cognitec Systems
Offices: Miami, Florida; Dresden, Germany; Hong Kong, China & Reo de Janeiro, Brazil
Cognitec Systems develops, markets and deploys the well-established and market-leading FaceVACS® face recognition technology to global customers. Specifically, since 1995, their experts have been developing face recognition technology that allows industry and governmental customers to prevent identity fraud, secure borders and support physical access control. Around the globe, other companies have developed and continue to create new solutions using our technology.
ComSec Enterprises
Offices: Brisbane, Australia
ComSec Enterprises is a partner and distributor for a number of highly acclaimed software and hardware manufacturers from around the world. They specialize in a broad range of IT Security areas including physical access control, Match-On Card technology, biometric user authentication, data and hard disk encryption, secure data erasure, email encryption and a number of other security applications.
Cross Match Technologies
Offices: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Arlington, Virginia; Quebec, QC & Bochum-Jena Germany
Cross Match Technologies is a leading global provider of high-quality multimodal biometric identity management solutions, used to capture and process the unique physiological characteristics of individuals to establish and verify their identities. Cross Match's government and commercial customers use its biometrics solutions in a variety of security and surveillance programs for protecting people, property and privacy.
Offices: Tuckahoe-New York, New York; Ontario, Canada & McLean, Virginia
CryptoMetrics is a leading provider of sophisticated biometric devices and software to private companies and governmental agencies worldwide. CryptoMetrics solutions are used to confirm the identity of an individual to protect critical infrastructures and even improve customer service. Their face recognition products can track and recognize multiple subjects under surveillance in real-time to secure public places.
Offices: San Francisco, California
CyberSign is a software technology for authentic electronic signatures and secure user-verification. With Cyber-SIGN on-line identity is securely authenticated and a trusted electronic signature is created. CyberSign is a simple and natural biometric authentication system that increases data security and enables trusted document authorization.