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Ultra Scan
Offices: Amherst, New York
Ultra-Scan is an identity management solutions provider and a pioneer in the development of high accuracy, fingerprint identification technology, serving the healthcare, government and transportation security, and financial markets. Ultra-Scan's breakthrough technology is based upon patented and proprietary finger imaging which scans the finger ultrasonically, and is distinguished from other fingerprint biometric authentication systems in three key areas: enrollability, usability and accuracy.


Offices: Seattle, Washington; Vancouver, British Columbia & London, England
Veridicom International is well positioned with an 'out-of-the-box' identity management solution which merges hardware, enterprise middleware and application software into a seamless, bundled authentication suite. Veridicom has undertaken an acquisition strategy in a bid to create a synergistic identity management solution.
Offices: Mclean, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia & Nashville, Tennessee
Verimetrics is a biometric technology company that was formed in 2007. Verimetrics was founded when it acquired the intellectual property of Pen-One. Verimetrics' SensorStylus™ is designed to authenticate the identity of any end user in situations where a true, recordable signature is critical.
Offices: Burnaby-Victoria, British Columbia
Visiphor's facial recognition technology is gaining attention from justice, security and public safety agencies around the world. One common use of the face recognition technology is the photo search capability in the InForce Suite product which enables law enforcement users to quickly identify persons. Their face recognition technology is also being used in custom applications.
Offices: Burlington, Massachusetts & Surrey, England
VoiceVault is a specialist and leader in the provision of voice-based biometric identity verification solutions and services. The company has a global customer base of public and private organizations including government agencies, banks and insurers. Although its primary purpose today is to deliver voice verification within a commercial environment, the core technology was developed in close collaboration with government and the military.


Zvetco Biometrics
Offices: Orlando, Florida
Zvetco Biometrics is a manufacturer of identity authentication hardware and provider of identity management solutions. With 10 years' experience and consolidated biometric security skills, Zvetco responds rapidly to your needs, no matter how complex they are. Matched by business-focused, technical support, their response to your objectives has led to the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry.