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Panasonic Biometrics
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
Biometric technology overcomes many of the disadvantages of conventional ID and verification techniques such as keys, ID cards and passwords. Instead, Panasonic's solution uses an Iris Reader to verify the identity of authorized persons—positively and definitively—with virtually no chance of mis-identification. Panasonic Biometrics relies on the complex and intricate patterns in the iris of the eye, which are unique to each individual.
Offices: St Paul, Minnesota & Mosman, Australia
PeopleKey is a leading supplier of biometric access control and employee attendance systems. Established in 1999, PeopleKey prides itself on offering innovative biometric solutions and support at a competitive price. PeopleKey is an industry leader in terms of both innovation and value. They manufacture their own biometric readers, develop their software in-house, and provide remarkable support to their partners and customers.
Offices: New York, New York & Ra'anana, Israel
PerSay delivers the most advanced voice biometrics technology on the planet. Utilizing the biometric power of voice, PerSay products instantaneously authenticate identity with unsurpassed accuracy. Until now, multi-factor authentication for account access and other remote applications was cumbersome and costly. Today, industry leaders are using the simplest, most cost-effective biometric speaker verification technology from PerSay to ensure optimal security.
Precise Biometrics
Offices: Lund-Karlstad, Sweden; Vienna, Virginia & Hong Kong, China
They are proud to deliver fingerprint solutions that make your life easier. Every day, Precise Biometrics' products and technology provide proven identities for millions of people around the world. Throughout the years, they have won some of the world's largest projects combining fingerprint and smart card technology. Whole nations are being equipped with ID cards that contain biometric information of the cardholder.
Print Electronics
Offices: Wadala, Mumbai & New York, New York
Print Electronics was set up as a proprietary concern with the prime objective of designing and developing industrial electronic equipments suitable for Indian conditions. Soon Print Electronics became a trusted name in time & attendance recorders as the products were manufactured with precision and were passed through stringent quality control checks. This system proved to be an effective tool to the management who gradually believed that performance is the key to competitive success.
PSE TechLab
Offices: San Jose-Mountain View, California; Knoxville, Tennessee; Minnetonka, Minnesota; Malvern, Pennsylvania & Orlando, Florida
PSE TechLab is capable of covering all phases of the software engineering processes from early analysis and requirements definition, design and architecture, implementation, integration and system test, deployment and even maintenance and can offer experienced project leads which can run project teams from 2 to 500+ team members based on their experience as well.


Offices: Newton, New Jersey
QVoice a privately held company develops and manufactures a voiceprint, face recognition and fingerprint identification biometric security product for stand-alone PC's, laptops, workstation and Networks running Windows 95 / 98/ NT/2000/XP. The company philosophy is to make their biometric security products hacker proof and cutting edge.


Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts & Vienna, Virginia
Retica Systems is the world’s only patented developer of retinal recognition technology and one of only two U.S. patented suppliers of iris pattern recognition software. Retica’s vision is to develop identity dominance and control solutions using novel less-constrained (a.k.a., standoff) multi-modal biometric acquisition technologies. Retica has become one of the top tier iris biometric software and device solution suppliers.
Offices: Georgetown-Austin, Texas; West Sussex, England; Tokyo, Japan; Hong Kong, China & Singapore
Ringdale has been supplying network enhancing connectivity products to clients for three decades. They are part of the Network Technology PLC Group. Their technology products are sold using established distribution channels throughout the world. Their commitment to product excellence enables them to uphold a presence in the forefront of network technology. Ringdale continually design and develops new products and have achieved several milestones with a number of new product releases.