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Pacific Capital Bank
Offices: Santa Barbara, California
Pacific Capital Bancorp is a partnership which keeps its banks firmly rooted in their communities with local leadership, responsiveness and flexibility while accruing its shareholders the economic benefits of shared technology, operating efficiencies, product development and financial services diversity. This partnership provides all the financial services breadth and expertise of larger banks while defining the premier standard of customer service driven banking in their neighborhoods.
Pacific City Bank
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Pacific City Bank offers many kinds of commercial loans to suit your business needs. SBA loans are loans made by the bank and guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. SBA loans are guaranteed 85% for loans under $150,000 and 75% for loans over $150,000 and are backed by the full faith of the US Government. The maximum loan amount is $2,000,000, However, larger amounts can be financed through multiple loans.
Pacific Coast National Bank
Offices: San Clemente, California
Revolving lines of credit secured by accounts receivable and inventory. Whether the financing need is created by sales growth, an acquisition, vendor discount opportunities, a temporary downturn, or any other reason, Pacific Coast National Bank may provide the available credit line to meet your needs. They provide business loans designed to provide financing for business expansion, equipment acquisition, or to refinance an existing debt.
Pacific Continental Bank
Ofices: Eugene, Oregon
Pacific Continental Bank, the operating subsidiary of Pacific Continental Corporation, delivers highly personalized services through fourteen banking offices in western Oregon and Washington State. With a unique focus on professional service providers, community-based business owners and non-profit organizations, their clients will be treated to a private-banking type experience with the ease and comfort that comes from dealing with your friends.

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Pacific Global Bank
Offices: Santa Barbara, California
Welcome to Pacific Global Bank. Their are a community bank that does business with a personal touch. Providing financing to their local community businesses is a primary mission of Pacific Global Bank. Their can customize a financing package to suit the needs of your business for almost any worthwhile purpose. Finding the right bank for your business is important and when you choose Pacific Global Bank, you'll get more than a full-service bank.
Pacific Mercantile Bank
Offices: Costa Mesa, California
Managing finances is critical to the success of your business. That's why Pacific Mercantile Bank offers a wide variety of useful services and a highly professional team of business bankers to provide the assistance and services you need. Grow your business faster with their tailored loan programs. Does your business have unique banking requirements? Their professional lending officers have a variety of solutions available to meet your needs.
Pacific National Bank
Offices: San Francisco, California
Pacific National Bank was acquired by FBOP Corporation in July 2004. Pacific National Bank has a total of 18 branches and assets of $960 million. Established in 1887 during San Francisco's early shipping and trading days, the bank provided financing for home building as the area grew. Pacific National Bank has a rich history and continues to be a meaningful part of the greater San Francisco Bay Area community.
Pacific Western Bank
Offices: Santa Monica, California
Pacific Western Bank is a full-service community bank offering a broad range of banking products and services including originating commercial loans, real estate loans, construction loans, and consumer loans, along with accepting demand and time deposits. Pacific Western focuses on extending credit to small and medium-sized business customers located primarily in the counties it serves.