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May 2014

D:All Things Digital
Location: Rancho Palos Verdes, California
Dates: May TBD, 2014
Still no keynotes, PowerPoint or canned demos. But, it is still the top annual gathering of the digital world.  The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital is unlike any other executive conference. Since its debut in2000, D has brought to life the energy and excitement of the digital revolution in an unscripted, upfront and unparalleled way. At the heart of D, the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher ask smart, tough questions in a no-holds-barred fashion.
DTT Network Strategies
Location: London, England
Dates: May TBD, 2014
Designed for both mature DTT markets, looking to the future of next generation standards and those taking the initial steps in deployment of DTT infrastructures the conference will address: Digital switchover analysis; Drivers for and technical strategies to support: 3D, HD, On demand and pay DTT; and, Planning and modelling tools for SFN deployment;  latest developments in RF device technology; optimization techniques for new standards such as DVB-T2 and DVB-NGH.
Fluent Conference
Location: San Francisco, California
Dates: May TBD, 2014
The O'Reilly Fluent Conference is about everything JavaScript. If you're developing for the Web, desktop, or mobile, knowing the ins and outs of JavaScript and related technologies is critical. Come to Fluent to learn from expert developers who are using JavaScript in all kinds of contexts, to do things that no one ever expected JavaScript could do, and do so well.
Mountainfilm Festival
Location: Telluride, Colorado
Dates: May TBD, 2014
Mountainfilm is more than a film festival. It is a distinctive blend of films, speakers, gallery exhibits, slide presentations, seminars and on-the-street conversations that demonstrate the power of visual arts to instigate change. As a four-day forum featuring the trendsetters that question the present in order to plan a sustainable future, Mountainfilm seeks to honor and enlighten our swiftly evolving world. Their goal of highlighting the uniqueness of wild spaces is achieved through a balanced program chosen for its adventurous, cultural and social content.
MVNO Industry Summit | LATAM
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dates: May TBD, 2014
LatAm is one of 6 regional events from their market leading MVNOs Industry Summit Series. Last year MVNOs Industry Summit Latin America had a storming year on the back of industry announcements and moves towards de-regulation. Now with commercial activity taking place via Porto Seguro, Sermatel and Full Movil nearby, the event is THE meeting place to drive opportunity and kick off profitable partnerships.
Next Generation Mobile Devices
Location: London, England
Dates: May TBD, 2014
The Next Generation Mobile Devices event will address a range of topics, including: Can M2M be the catalyst to ignite business services?; How far will new devices cannibalize phone and netbook sales?; Will support for TDD and FDD versions of LTE technology drive global harmony?; Exploring multi-mode 4G, 3G and 2G hand-over challenges; and, What are the performance trade-offs for multi mode / multi band support?
Next Generation Telecom Towers
Location: The Netherlands
Dates: May TBD, 2014
Soaring mobile data traffic is pushing forward the need to roll-out LTE networks and upgrade base stations to support multiple bands and networks. IIR’s Next Generation Telecom Towers aims to assess the respective site design, software defined multi-standard base stations, small cell & macro cell deployments, heterogeneous networks, and backhaul investment required to satisfy tomorrow’s network.
REFF | India
Location: New Delhi, India
Dates: May TBD, 2014
The Renewable Energy Finance Forum (REFF) is an established event for renewable energy finance and investment. conference will be the sector’s first large-scale discussion of the historic Renewable Energy Directive. It will also be the industry’s first major event since the financial crisis started shaking economies worldwide. The two-day event will unite investors with project developers and senior executives from across the renewable energy and technology sectors.