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Offices: Bakersfield, California
ProSoft Technology specializes in the development of communication solutions compatible with the large automation suppliers' controllers such as Rockwell Automation and Schneider Electric. The primary focus is to provide connectivity solutions that link dissimilar automation products. ProSoft Technology provides field proven connectivity and communication solutions.


Offices: Lucas Heights, Australia
SILEX is a mission-oriented, global technology development company focused on becoming a world leader in "isotopic" materials and advanced semiconductor technology. Their strategy is to develop a diverse range of commercial applications for Silex technology, with a focus on the following applications. Acquire rights to technologies in the semiconductor industry, which are synergistic with, or add value to the core Silex technology.
Sima Products
Offices: Oakmont, Pennsylvania
Founded in 1973, Sima Products Corporation is celebrating 32 years as a leading innovator of consumer electronic accessories. Sima manufactures accessories in the categories of photography, video, home theater, power, and home safety. Today, nearly one hundred Sima products are sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. In March of 2002, Sima acquired Wireless Marketing of Schaumburg, Illinois adding the First Alert Brand and Cherokee CB Radio product lines to the mix.
Offices: Lund, Sweden & San Jose, California
SwitchCore AB develops, markets and sells Ethernet-based integrated network devices for data switching within and between networks. SwitchCore's devices are currently used in some 1000 network systems that SwitchCore's customers have or will introduce on the market. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's O-list.SwitchCore's vision is to be one of the world's leading suppliers of Ethernet-based devices for advanced applications both in enterprise networks and access networks.


Vecima Networks
Offices: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Victoria, British Columbia & Parramatta, Australia
Vecima Networks is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of data over cable, digital video, and broadband wireless telecom products. Vecima Networks has achieved remarkable growth in sales, profit, and manpower since its inception in 1988. Its strength in engineering and manufacturing is reflected in a large family of high quality, high performance, and very competitive products that are sold worldwide. Vecima Networks is a highly dynamic company that takes pride in innovative solutions which have resulted in an established library of designs.


US Robotics
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
For three decades, US Robotics has been a leader in internet access and networking, known for quality, innovation, and performance. Without losing its focus on the analog modems that made the company a household name, US Robotics is rapidly expanding its category leadership by offering high-speed, broadband modems; wired and wireless networking solutions; and internet security devices to the growing home, home office, and small- and medium-sized business markets.


Zoom Telephonics
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Zoom Telephonics designs, produces and market dial-up and broadband modems, speed dialers, and other communications products. Their primary objective is to build upon their position as a leading supplier of internet access devices and to take advantage of a number of emerging trends in communications including enhanced internet access, higher data rates, and new voice and multimedia applications.