IPTV Service
Cellular Service
Networks Service
Internet Tel (VoIP)
eCommerce Service
Wireless Technology
WiMAX Technologies
Telephone Services
GPS Technologies
Network Devices
Tower Antenna
RF Microwave
Call Centers


AlphabeticA compilation of communications companies listed in our IPTV, cellular, VoIP, eCommerce, wireless, WiMAX, telephone, network, tower-antennas, microwave and call center directories.


IPTV Service — Bridging telephony and broadcast spectrums are these companies providing IPTV technologies and services.


Cellular Service — A compilation of leading cellular service providers located in North America, as well as the leading providers in major markets around the globe.


Networks Service — A list of communications network, VPN, private line, frame relay, ATM and related IP network technology service providers.


Internet Tel (VoIP) — This list provides a summary of emerging VoIP technologies and services.


eCommerce Service — With virtually every business now expanding their commerce model on the Internet, this list provides a good starting point for shopping eCommerce Hosting services.      
Wireless TechnologiesA list of leading wireless technologies design, engineering and technology, as well as key intellectual property holders.


WiMAX Technologies A list of emerging leaders of WiMAX technology, manufacturing and services.


Telephone Services — A compilation of leading telephone service providers located in North America, as well as the leading providers in major markets around the globe.      
GPS Technologies — A list of mobile GPS devices, technology and service providers located around the globe


Network Devices — A list of computer and communications network devices, including manufacturers of modems. routers, switches and hubs that facilitate network traffic.


Tower AntennaA list of communications towers & antenna technology holders, manufacturers and service providers.      
RF Microwave A list of microwave technology, manufacturing and service providers.


Call Centers Weather by phone or the Internet, or both, this provides a comprehensive list of outsourced  communications center service providers.      
Distributor A list of local, regional, national and international suppliers of communications equipment and components.      
HostingA list of web hosting, co-location and managed site services. Included are regional, national and technical-assisted service providers.