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Glendale Chamber of Commerce (GCC)
Offices: Glendale, California
The Glendale Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving the needs of business and improving the quality of life in their community. The Glendale Chamber, serving over 1,200 member businesses, is one of the largest chambers in Los Angeles County. They are involved in the following areas: business development and education, community development, government relations, leadership programs, networking opportunities and all aspects of the community.
Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Grand Rapids, Michigan
The Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce is a premier business membership organization in West Michigan. Chamber membership connects members to more than 3,000 other businesses throughout the Grand Rapids area. Their members can take advantage of networking and money-saving opportunities to help grow their business. Through the GRACC, members have access to preferred providers in telecommunications, insurance and other industries that small businesses may not be able to take advantage of on their own.
Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Albuquerque, New York
The Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce contains over 2,600 organizations, representing over 151,000 employees. Members include both Albuquerque's largest companies, small one-person businesses, and every level in between. Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce works to benefit all members, helping to advance your company’s goals, your career, or both.
Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Austin, Texas
The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit, membership-driven organization comprised of 2,500 business enterprises, civic organizations, education institutions and individuals. Their mission is to provide leadership that will help create regional economic prosperity and success for its members in Central Texas. The Greater Austin Chamber serves the citizens of Central Texas through initiatives, programs, committees and events.

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Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce (GBCC)
Offices: Bakersfield, California
The Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven and professionally staffed not-for-profit association of business people committed to improving the economic climate and quality of life in the greater Bakersfield area. The Chamber's strength lies in its membership. The Chamber is representative of all sizes and types of business. Corporate giants are represented, but over 85 percent of the Chamber's membership is made up of small businesses.
Greater Bethesda Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Bethesda, Maryland
Today, members of the Chamber form the core of the Bethesda-Chevy Chase business community. Member businesses are a part of an organization that provides networking opportunities, business leads and referrals, proactive leadership on legislative and economic development issues, and an improved business climate, all for the betterment of the community as a whole. The Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber, in concert with public and private sectors, will lead the effort to have the Bethesda-Chevy Chase area recognized as the leading commerce district in Metropolitan Washington.
Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Boca Raton, Florida
The Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce has been serving the Boca Raton business community for over 50 years. The connection between vendors, clients, peers, legislators, press, and friends is essential. This Chamber continues to be the premier business organization in which to develop these professional relationships. The Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce founded the Trustee Membership Program in 1999 to bring together senior level executives whose commitment to the community is the foundation for continued growth.
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
The Greater Boston Chamber is a broad-based association representing more than 1,700 businesses of all sizes from virtually every industry and profession in their region. They provide leadership in creating a healthy climate for economic development and job creation. The Chamber is deeply committed to promoting diversity in every aspect of its work, and throughout the business, government, and civic life of their community. They are an important resource to their members for advocacy, information, and marketing exposure that enhances their business success.
Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Cheyenne, Wyoming
The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, member run, corporation. The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce provides an opportunity for information on how to improve their business. They are a source of information on businesses, community information and upcoming events. Chamber members have access to approximately 50 special events each year which are attended by potential customers.