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Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce (BWCC)
Offices: Laurel, Maryland
The Baltimore-Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce is the only regional chamber in Maryland. They are dedicated to providing networking, information and growth resources to all sizes of businesses, agencies, institutions and organizations. Their core area of focus are between Washington and Baltimore, consisting principally of Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery and Prince George's counties, although members come from the entire Baltimore/Washington region—wherever there's an interest in doing business within their Corridor.
Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC)
Offices: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The Baton Rouge Area Chamber is providing visionary leadership and taking decisive actions to propel their community to a more prosperous economic future. Their mission is leading economic development in the Baton Rouge area. By executing on this mission, they aspire for the Baton Rouge area to become the creative capital of the south, a region noted across the country as a great location to conduct business and a wonderful place to live, with a healthy, diverse, growing economy that provides opportunities for all of its citizens.
Bedford Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Bedford, Massachusetts
The mission of the Bedford Chamber of Commerce is to advance the economic, industrial, professional, cultural and civic welfare of the Town of Bedford, to encourage the growth of existing industries and businesses while giving all proper assistance to new firms or individuals seeking to locate in the Town of Bedford. In addition, they work to support all activities beneficial to the community and area and to oppose those that might be detrimental, as well as to promote the welfare of all area citizens, following always those policies intended to accomplish the greatest good for the greatest number.
Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Bellevue, Washington
The mission of the Bellevue Chamber is to promote a prosperous economy and quality lifestyle in Bellevue and its environs. They strive to achieve this by being a central force in the Bellevue community and a place where local businesses can access resources and interact with other members of the business community. The Bellevue Chamber is made up mainly of small-to-medium size businesses, approximately 80%; large corporations make up about 20% of the membership.


Belmont Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Belmont, California
The goal of the Belmont Chamber of Commerce is to ensure Belmont's business future by creating a strong business environment through advocacy, communication, education and promotion. The Chamber acts as a liaison between the business community and the City Council, and provides information on local, state and federal issues that could affect their members. The Chamber consists of people like you, from small businesses to large corporations.
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Berkeley, California
The Berkeley Chamber of Commerce opened its doors in 1900. Since that time they have been actively representing Berkeley's business interests. When the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce says it represents business interests, it means it is willing to represent you personally and business in general at City Hall and City Council meetings. They work toward improving requirements for doing business, from costly regulations involving permits, expansion or moving to environmental issues and EPA requirements that can make your business life miserable.
Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Beverly Hills, California
The Chamber of Commerce serves the business community through programs and services coordinated through Economic Development, Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau, Communications, Beverly Hills Global and its Membership Department. Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce is an authority of business—advocating on its behalf, anticipating trends, advancing knowledge, creating innovative practices that inspire and invigorate, and embodying a professional conscience.
Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Bloomington, Indiana
The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce is the largest and oldest business advocacy association in Bloomington and Monroe County. Members include both small and large businesses, retailers, professionals, educators, service providers, governmental units, manufacturers, non-profit organizations and individuals. They promote initiatives that strengthen the business climate of their city, county, region, and state; and they encourage active participation in community leadership and public service. They work to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of all citizens. They provide programs, tools and information to help their members become more competitive.
Boise Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Boise, Idaho
The Boise Chamber of Commerce's mission is to be the community's most indispensable business organization by setting the gold standard of business advocacy for economic well being, regional development and quality of life. In economic vitality, they look to improve the region's economic health by attracting and retaining targeted business and encouraging investment. In small business success, they champion the growth of local small businesses by providing opportunities for networking, visibility, referrals, education and training, and pertinent business.


British Chamber of Commerce (BCC)
Offices: London, England
The British Chambers of Commerce comprise a national network of quality-accredited Chambers of Commerce, all uniquely positioned at the heart of every business community in the UK and representing more than 135,000 businesses of all sizes in all sectors of the economy—equivalent to five million jobs. The BCC represents the views and priorities as reflected across the chamber network and undertakes proactive pieces of research and policy development and responds to Government consultation.
Brookline Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Brookline, Massachusetts
The Brookline Chamber of Commerce is an organization representing the interests of businesses and professions in Brookline, and is committed to adding value to the community by working with local and state government to encourage a strong, growing economy and keeping their business and professional community competitive. Their effective advocacy is combined with a schedule of quality programs and events throughout the year to help members develop strategic relationships within the business and professional community, acquire new information, and expand marketing opportunities.
Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Brooklyn, New York
Founded in 1918, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is a business assistance and economic development organization dedicated to helping businesses grow and to promoting the economic development of Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Chamber has over 1,300 Members, mostly small, local businesses, located in neighborhoods across the borough. Larger firms, including many in financial services, energy, insurance, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, health care, real estate and communications, are also active in the Chamber. The Brooklyn Chamber provides a wide range of promotional, support and advocacy services to assist its members.
Burbank Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Burlingame, California
It is the mission of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce to be the leading public policy advocate for business, to promote economic growth, to be a strategic partner in initiatives that enhance and preserve the quality of life in the Burbank community. and to provide valued services to their members. This annual publication by the Burbank Chamber of Commerce features listings for more than 1,000 Chamber members and is divided by business categories.
Burlingame Chamber of Commerce
Offices: Burlingame, California
The mission of the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce is to nurture a progressive business environment by bringing the business community together in defining issues, developing programs and effecting public policy, through active membership involvement. Benefits of membership include: chamber mixers, member to member discount programs, internet listing, joint chamber mixers, phone referrals, demographic & reference materials, and shuttle services.