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Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts is dedicated to the commercial development of Canadian sound recording business domestically and internationally. Founded in 1991, C.A.A.M.A. is the only association that represents Canadian musicians. Presently there are over 2000 performing artist members of the cultural industries sound recording sector. C.A.A.M.A. works to provide the industry and its members with free educational programming and non-commercial showcase opportunities.


Catalyst Financial Partners facilitates alternative asset investing. The firm believes the most important aspects of a successful investment is the matching of an investor and the appropriate investee company, and in this pursuit produces exclusive, high-profile investor forums for the alternative investment industry. Each investor forum plays host to key leaders from the alternative investment industry who are on the forefront of market trends.


Canadian Innovation Exchange is a two-day event showcasing Canada’s hottest new and innovative technology companies. A nexus of multiple meeting and networking opportunities, CIX is designed to enable the who’s who of North American investors to discover Canada’s next great companies. With facilitated and informal networking events, this innovation marketplace features Flash-forward presentations on the future of media, software, mobile and technology.


Churchill Club is focused cultivate a one-stop-shop of world-class people—people like yourself—that ignites the kinds of conversations that lead to new ideas, enlivened dreams and personal motivation. A tall order, for sure, but one they’ve been successful at for 25 years. Over the past two-and-a-half decades, the Churchill Club has hosted industry and government leaders and luminaries. At the Churchill Club, collaborators and competitors meet on stage to share and discuss their newest thinking.


Clarion Events organizes more than 200 events (a mixture of exhibitions, conferences and seated events) annually across the globe. More than 12,000 companies trust us with their custom each year and over 700,000 people give their valuable time to visit our events. This success has come from identifying high-value, niche audiences in difficult-to-reach markets and then building them into market-leading products.


Cleantech Group is a unique opportunity for investors and others to profitably facilitate the growth of young companies with the potential for delivering major economic, environmental and social benefits. Cleantech organizes venture forums, provides deal flow, publishes its venture monitors and offers related services to investors and entrepreneurs. In doing so, the Network will accelerate the development of the next and necessary wave of ventures.


Cloudcor was established in 2008 by a global alliance of professionals in cloud computing. CloudSlamŪ was created to provide a fresh, objective and positive outlook on cloud computing. The Cloud Slam conference is global event, covering latest trends and innovations in the world of cloud computing. Conference panels, workshops, and tutorials are selected to cover a range of the hottest topics in cloud computing.


CMT Events conference programs are tailored for today’s and tomorrow’s evolving business environment where technology, markets and products continuously change to gain a competitive edge. In fast changing business environments where knowledge obsolescence is a feature, CMT events offer the most effective opportunity to narrow the knowledge gaps. High quality analysis, precise insights and strategic directions define CMT's events.


Conference Guru reviews thousands of conferences to find great conferences and establishes partnerships with the organizers that enable us to offer a limited quantity of conference passes at a great price. A worthwhile conference experience generates new contacts, sales leads, potential strategic partners and investors. Their community, health care and technology executives, entrepreneurs, investors and service providers, attend conferences to help establish their leadership position in the marketplace and network with their peers.


Conferensum was created by industry professionals that needed to do research but found difficult to access information from past conferences. Nowadays, it is difficult to access these information and products since events can be small, not advertised or simply you were not aware or available at the at time the event happened. Conferensum was created for making it easy to access information from past conferences and make you feel as if you had been at that conference. Products in their library can be downloaded or send via email and in some cases by courier.


Contentric is a new technology events company focusing on the future the content. Launched by iHollywood Forum Co-Founder Michael Stroud, its focus is three conferences: The Contentric Summit , concerned with the future of digital content; Contentric Mobile, the future of mobile content;  and, the future of content in the digital living room and the home. Look for some smaller evening or morning events later this year, tentatively called Contentric Live!


DataWeek is a 6-Day Conference & Festival in downtown San Francisco. After hosting the Data 2.0 Conference 2011 and the Data 2.0 Summit 2012 their team's goal is to organize the largest data-centric conference & festival in the nation. Each day of DataWeek has a different business and technology focus ranging from the Saturday and Sunday startup and developer activities to industry-specific Labs on September 24th through 27th. One pass gets you into all official events of the DataWeek Conference & Festival.


Dealmaker Media is a network of innovators who see the opportunities in building relationships and sharing knowledge. From early-stage startups with an eye for disruption, to some of the most influential companies in the world - they help get deals done - one handshake at a time. Dealmaker Media attracts the dealmakers and influencers in and out of Silicon Valley. We offer a range of innovative sponsorship packages to help you stay in front of emerging trends, markets, high-growth companies, and the people leading the charge.


DEMO is the premier launch venue for new products, technologies and companies. For more than 16 years, DEMO has established a reputation for identifying and presenting to an elite audience the products most likely to have a significant impact on the marketplace and market trends in the coming year. Each product is carefully screened and selected by DEMO's Executive Producer, Chris Shipley, one of the top trend spotters in the personal technology product industry. DEMO is held two times a year; one in February, and one in September.


Digital Media Wire (DMW) launched in early 2000 with a simple yet compelling proposition to provide busy executives with a daily briefing of the most important news stories about the business of digital media. On July 20, 2000, they published the first issue of Digital Media Wire Daily—their daily email newsletter dedicated to objective coverage of news stories about the convergence of media, entertainment and technology. Today, they are a full scale media company that owns and produces 8 major conferences, publishes daily newsletters and directories, and operates the popular news and community portal.


DiligentDeal is a conference organizer and diligence platform for early stage investors. Run by passionate technologists, entrepreneurs and the former head of the conference groups at Forbes and The Economist, DiligentDeal is uniquely positioned to deliver relevant content in stimulating formats. DiligentDeal is developing a series of conferences to address the dramatic changes facing private investors today, and a diligence platform based on a sophisticated combination of human review and advanced machine learning methods.